Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why North Carolina and Indiana Really Don't Mean That Much ...

... because McCain's going to win those states in November, that's why.

Compared to states like New Hampshire, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia - not to mention Florida and Michigan, the states that held primaries yesterday are irrelevant. With Hillary! as the nominee, ALL of those key swing states are in play in November, and Hillary! would've been the favorite to win almost all of them, except maybe Kentucky. With Obama as the nominee, which he almost assuredly will be after yesterday's results, those key swing states don't look as solid for the Democrats.

In a McCain vs. Obama matchup, it's certainly not a given, but I could see McCain winning every state Bush won in 2004 plus New Hampshire, with Ohio being a toss-up. I truly believe it's ALL going to come down to the Buckeye State this November. Hillary! would have won here easily. Given how overwhelmingly Obama lost here in the Ohio Primary, Democrats should be worried about his prospects in the fall.

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