Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Population Control Movement is "Number One Violator of Human Rights," Author Claims

From Catholic News Agency:
Front Royal, Va, May 6, 2008 / 06:25 pm (CNA).- Some population theorists warn that the world, with its continual increase in population, will eventually be unable to sustain the human population. Steve Mosher, the president of the Population Research Institute, argues in his newly released book that the movement that advances this worldview is demographically ignorant and the “Number One violator of human rights.”

Mosher’s book "Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits," just published by Transaction Press, details how the population control movement has harmed hundreds of millions of women, children and families with its policies.

"Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits," is the fruit of Mosher’s lifelong passion for demographics, which he harnesses to craft a compelling argument against population control. According to Mosher, “Overpopulation is a myth. In fact, evidence is plentiful that policymakers and population controllers, with billions at their disposal, have ignored their own multiple failures.”

“From its origins in racial hysteria and demographic ignorance to its state-sanctioned and funded rise to the mainstream, Mosher describes the population control movement as, “the world's Number One violator of human rights,” a press release from PRI says.

In his book, Mosher dismisses any sort of utilitarian concept of rights, saying, "Abuses of basic rights, such as the right to bear children, cannot be expunged by reference to any calculus of costs versus benefits, any more than comparable violations of other basic human rights can be explained away, excused, or justified by reference to a supposedly larger social good."

One colleague of Mosher’s, Allan Carlson of the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society, writes that "Population Control" is "crisp and compelling; the message both disturbing and illuminating; the concluding call for a pro-natalist future hopeful." In it, Mosher is able to "ably express" the motives of population controllers, and their "open acts of violence against women and children."

For more information on "Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits," and Mosher’s organization the Population Research Institute please visit:

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At 5/07/2008 9:33 AM, Anonymous crankycon said...

Phillip Longman, in this week's National Review, reviewed a book that seems to make a similar argument: Fatal Mis-conception: The Struggle to Control World Population, by Matthew Connelly. It sounds like Connelly also notes that lower birth rates actually leads to greater consumption as people have more dispoable income. Connelly's book sounds a little more uneven (evidently he drew a moral equivalence between supporters of forced sterlizations and opponents of abortion and birth control, at least according to the review). But at least there are some works out there fighting back against this population control crap.


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