Friday, May 02, 2008

Obama Campaign Seeks to Close Family Gap [UPDATED]

Deal Hudson writes at InsideCatholic:
Catholics for Obama are reported issuing a "Call to Families" in South Bend, Indiana is preparation for the upcoming Democratic primary. Obama's apparent weakness connecting his message -- whatever that is -- with ordinary American families has kept his candidacy from attracting Catholic voters.

While this is a smart strategic move, the decision to organize the rally around a conference call with the wife of Ted Kennedy doesn't help. Where is Rep. Tim Roemer, the one Catholic Obama supporter who represents the lost pro-life, pro-family vision on the Democratic Party?


But he definitely ain't gonna get it done if he listens to this crappy advice from so-called "Catholic Reaganite for Obama" Doug Kmiec (who seems to have not only gone off the reservation, but completely off the deep end, as well).

Kathryn Jean Lopez thinks this recommendation to Obama from Kmiec means that Kmiec must really be "working for Hillary Clinton". I just think it means he's lost all credibility.

And, by the way, I keep hearing this nonsense from delusional Obama supporters that the Republicans "WANT" to face Hillary in November rather than Obama. Are you kidding me? Have you been paying to attention to the polls showing Hillary matching up favorably against McCain as compared to Obama? Do you even understand the Electoral College and that the Democrat must win states that Gore and Kerry didn't win? So far, the only candidate who has shown an ability to do that is Hillary.

If Hillary is the nominee, she wins. She wins Ohio, and quite possibly Florida and Missouri. She puts New Hampshire (which Gore lost but Kerry won) in doubt. She even makes Arkansas a battleground state.

Obama's not getting it done either in the big swing states or in polls showing a head-to-head matchup against McCain. If I were the GOP (and I'm NOT), I'd much rather face Obama, who I believe will eventually be the nominee and who I believe McCain will defeat.

Jim Geraghty reports:
... from the New York Times, a description of some rather elite-seeming Obama supporters in Indiana (I'm sorry, a gourmet dog biscuit store is almost too perfect) who all insist that they won't be holding Obama's longtime association with Wright against the candidate, but they're worried about all of those people who might ...
(emphasis in original)

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