Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Both GOP and Dems Know Catholic Vote Pivotal

Brian Saint-Paul writes at InsideCatholic:
Not everyone is happy right now with our friend Mark Stricherz. For one thing, he caught a rebuke from Sam Brownback for questioning John McCain's pro-life credentials in an op-ed for the National Catholic Register. (The senator's lengthy letter never addressed any of Mark's reasonable points of concern.)

Of course, Mark is an equal opportunity offender, so he's also made himself a target to his fellow Democrats. After another op-ed in the Register, wherein he argued that the Democratic Party's soul is secular, the Democratic National Committee penned their own heated reply, to run in the paper next week.

Critical attention is a good thing, and Mark's work is compelling enough to merit a substantive response (we'll see what the DNC can come up with). Either way, his newfound infamy has led him to one clear conclusion: "The Catholic vote in November will be pivotal." Both the GOP and the DNC know it, and they're scrambling.
(emphasis added)

My Comments:
A fairly good sign that Mr. Stricherz has hit close to the mark is that the stuck pigs are squealing.

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