Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things the 15-Year-Old Girls I Grew Up With WEREN'T Doing ...

... Becoming forced breeders in the harems of dirty old men in cults...

... Being pimped out by their mothers and brothers to more than 1200 men...

... Having professional singing careers and at the same time having affairs with married Major League Baseball superstars twice their age...

... Having professional singing careers and posing semi-nude for international publications.

All in all, I'd say yesterday's news was a pretty dismal hodge-podge for 15-year-old girls across America. And in each case, the parents are to blame. Their neglect and/or outright abuse of their children give the vocation of parenthood a big black eye.

Tony, posting at Catholic Dads and Catholic Pillow Fight, has similar ideas:
Billy Ray Cyrus Ought To Be Hoss Whipped...

...For allowing his daughter to pose topless for Vanity Fair magazine. Well, let's be fair. You couldn't see any "naughty bits", but as Mike Church said on his raidio show, "they 'bedroomed her up'".

Her father was with her on the shoot, and could be seen in some of the photos. What was he thinking? What dad in his right mind would allow his 15 year old daughter to be publicly sexualized in this way?


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