Saturday, April 26, 2008

Republican Party Leader: John McCain's Campaign Will Seek Pro-Life Voters

Washington, DC ( -- A Republican Party leader says John McCain's presidential campaign will "aggressively" reach out to pro-life voters this year. With a stark contrast between McCain's pro-life views on abortion and the ardently pro-abortion views of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton it could be a key focus this election.

Republican National Committee Deputy Chair Frank Donatelli spoke with CBN News about the outreach the McCain campaign plans.

“All I can say is that it will be aggressive," he said. “We are going to have a very aggressive program to reach out to religious voters whether they are Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic or whatever."

"Senator McCain’s aides at all levels will be talking to pro-family groups. Senator McCain himself will engage with pro-family groups," Donatelli added.

The GOP official said the Democratic Party has already talked about reaching out to pro-life voters, especially Catholics, but he said the party will have a hard time attracting pro-life voters because of it's staunchly pro-abortion views and those of its eventual nominee.

"The problem with the DNC outreach is the party that embraces abortion on demand ... I would think would have a great deal of difficulty reaching pro-family voters," he said.

My Comments:
I'd feel much more assured by this if:
  1. We were hearing it directly from John McCain rather than some GOP bureaucrat; and

  2. McCain's actual record reflected even a modest proclivity on his part to "aggressively" reach out to such voters.

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