Tuesday, April 01, 2008

News You Might Believe

Maureen Martin, once again calling into question her Amateur Catholic bona fides, has logged this entry at InsideCatholic. Here's an excerpt:
Catholics Already Incensed at the Church Being in Their Bedrooms Discover Church in Additional Rooms

SCRANTON, NJ -- Thousands of Catholics across the country who have been angry about the Church being in their bedrooms were shocked to learn recently that the Church has infiltrated other rooms of their homes as well.

Sara Davis, a parishioner at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Huntsville, Alabama, said she was stunned to learn the Church's reach extended to her kitchen. "I was helping myself to a few brownies when my daughter starts talking about self-control and gluttony and the Church and a bunch of other nonsense," said Davis, who at 5"4' weighs 170 lbs. "So first the Church is telling me how many kids to have, and now it is telling me how many brownies to eat? I thought gluttony was one of those sins that fell out of favor. I say heavy on the brownies, light on the kids."

Some Catholics are feeling the Church's presence in their workplaces, too, much to their dismay. Rob Greene, a graphic designer in Albuquerque, said he was blogging on company time when a Catholic coworker intervened. "He started recounting a homily he had heard recently about wasting time at work and stealing from your employer," Greene said...




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