Wednesday, April 23, 2008

McCain Making Play for Blue-Collar "Reagan Democrats" with Early Visit to Ohio

From The Washington Times:
With all eyes on Pennsylvania's Democratic presidential primary, Republican Sen. John McCain yesterday slipped into Ohio, getting an early start on targeting swing independents and moderate Democrats in the battleground state.

Ohio has been decisive in each of the last two presidential elections, and no Republican has ever won the White House without winning there. While Mr. McCain's campaign hopes to expand the number of states in play this November, Ohio will most likely be one of just a handful of tossup states — again.

On his stop in Youngstown, the Republican sought to woo so-called "Reagan Democrats," moderates who helped deliver victories to Ronald Reagan and Mr. Bush.

Republican strategist Scott Reed said Mr. McCain's focus so early on Ohio signals the campaign's fall strategy.

"History matters in national politics, and no matter who the Democrats ultimately nominate, the Buckeye State will be one of the most sought-after Electoral College prizes in the fall. McCain's trip to Youngstown this week is just the beginning of a full-court press," he said.


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At 4/23/2008 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain, fighter-pilot and veteran of five years in a POW camp, was made to attract blue collar Democrats, especially from "bittergate" Obama.


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