Saturday, March 08, 2008

Not-So-Random Thought on a Saturday Afternoon While Listening to a Bob Wills Tribute Album With My Kids ...

... "Faded Love" just might be one of the, if not the, greatest country songs of all time.

It doesn't matter if it's Bob Wills' original version, Patsy Cline's immortal hit version, Elvis Presley's take, Ray Price's and Willie Nelson's hit duet, the incomparable Merle Haggard, the more recent cover by Leann Rimes, or the Lyle Lovett/Shawn Colvin duet* on the Asleep at the Wheel tribute album to Wills titled Ride With Bob that I was listening to today - that song is just plain good.

* NOTE: There is a YouTube slideshow that someone has set to the Lovett/Colvin version of "Faded Love", but it has a few inappropriate photos interspersed throughout, so I didn't link to it for obvious reasons.



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