Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More McCain Cheerleading by National Catholic Register

Fidelis' Brian Burch asks at National Catholic Register: "Can McCain Take Up the ‘Catholic’ Mantle?"
After Toni Morrison infamously declared Bill Clinton, “America’s first black president,” some Catholics, most notably former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, took to calling George W. Bush America’s “first Catholic president.”

The title was an affront to the legacy of JFK, but more likely was aimed at the president’s commitment to protecting the dignity of the human person, particularly on the issues of abortion, stem-cell research and marriage.

With the GOP presidential sweepstakes now winnowing, faithful Catholics might reasonably begin to ask whether Sen. John McCain of Arizona could be the next “Catholic” president. I believe the evidence favors such a hope.
(emphasis added)

You've GOT to be kidding me! But wait, there's more. Well, no, actually there isn't. Nothing in the entire piece indicates why John McCain is particularly "Catholic" on the issues. There's certainly not enough there to proclaim him as potentially "the next Catholic president".

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