Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digest of Today's Posts (20 March 2008)

  • Actor Paul Scofield - Who Won Oscar for Portrayal of St. Thomas More - Dead at 86

  • Lawsuit Against Archdiocese: Guests at Catholic Weddings Want Gifts Back When Marriages Anulled

  • Hillary!'s Touted Foreign Policy "Experience" Illusory

  • Jesuit President of USF Criticizes Denver Archdiocese, Defends Fr. Drinan's Legacy in Rebuttal to Weigel Column

  • Yesterday's Post:
  • Obama Attributes Support for Reagan by Blue Collar "Reagan Democrats" to "Anger Over Welfare and Affirmative Action" [UPDATED]

  • (Digest of Tuesday's Posts (18 March 2008))



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