Thursday, March 13, 2008

Atheist Dawkins: "A Form of Child Abuse to Speak of 4-Year-Old as Catholic Child"

Atheist and Oxford University scientist Richard Dawkins speaking recently in the People's Republic of Madison, Wisconsin:
... There is no such thing as a Catholic child, there are only children of Catholic parents, Dawkins said. "I think it is a form of child abuse to speak of a 4-year-old child as a Catholic child or a Protestant child or a Muslim child. There is no such thing as a Protestant child. There is no such thing as a Muslim child."

Annie Laurie Gaylor of Madison's Freedom from Religion Foundation, which was one of the sponsors of the lecture, said she is indebted to Dawkins for speaking out against religion in a country where 50 percent of the people claim to reject Darwinism and support creationism.

"It's wonderful to have this eminent biologist care so much about the truth of religion to be willing to question it publicly using his scientific credibility. He is in a unique position to influence people," she said.
(emphasis added)

My Comments:
Somebody call the cops. I'm "abusing" my CATHOLIC CHILDREN just by writing this.

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At 3/13/2008 1:01 PM, Blogger Kyle R. Cupp said...

Yikes! And I not only call my boy a Catholic, I've baptized him!

At 3/13/2008 7:59 PM, Anonymous Joan said...

This isn't a new comment. I believe it's in his book, or at least is part of his standard speech for atheist conventions.

At 3/17/2008 8:34 PM, Blogger Douglas said...

His point is that kids aren't old enough to decide what their religion (or non-religion) is; parents should wait and let them think for themselves instead of labeling them at birth.

Dawkins has offered this thought exercise - would you be comfortable with someone claiming their 1 year old child is a Marxist?

At 3/17/2008 8:48 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

Oooh, that Dawkins is sharp, ain't he. Why, he's got all us stupid rednecks caught in a trap with that "thought exercise" of his'n, don't he?

Why the hell should I care what some other parents want to call their kid? It's none of my damned business.

Just like it's none of Dawkins' damned business that my kids have been baptized and will be raised as Catholics. And I'll keep on calling 'em Catholics, too. Dawkins can shove it up his pompous overeducated ass.

At 3/18/2008 5:05 PM, Blogger Douglas said...

Let me put it another way - do you believe there is even such a thing as a Marxist child? Can a little kid know what his or her political persuasion is? Would you consider that it might be better to give kids information and then allow them to make an informed choice when they're old enough? I'm not saying that parents shouldn't teach their kids values, ethics and morality - that's great! - but there's a distinction between education and indoctrination. Just look at the madrassas in the Muslim world for some insight into the difference.


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