Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Regular Guy Paul on Hilliary's New Hampshire Win

Regular Guy Paul has the same reaction I had regarding the turn of events that brought about Sen. Clinton's surprise comeback win in New Hampshire yesterday:
... My analysis is that crying didn't get Sen. Clinton more than just a few new votes. What put Clinton over the top in New Hampshire yesterday was that she cast doubt on Sen. Obama's pro-abortion credentials. Less than with Republicans, abortion is the still THE litmus-test issue for Democrats. They may forgive a vote for "Mr. Bush's War", but they'll never forgive a lapse in promoting or defending abortion...
My Comments:
The irony, of course, is that Sen. Obama's record on abortion is every bit as extreme, if not moreso, as Sen. Clinton's is.

I also like Sean Dailey's take over at The Blue Boar:
Lady MacBeth, McCain win big in New Hampshire primary

Meanwhile, Moloch's biggest fan is "still fired up and ready" while the man from the Joseph Smith wing of the GOP promises to "take the shackles off" and be "less measured." That's it! Put up your dukes!
"Moloch's biggest fan"

Yep, that seems to be a fairly apt description of Sen. Obama.

Jeff Miller offers his take on Regular Guy Paul's post over at The Curt Jester.

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At 1/09/2008 12:44 PM, Blogger Jeff Miller said...

Well as I wrote on my Moloch Now blog previously

"Though there is also Barak Obama who opposed the born alive infant protection act. You just got to love someone that doesn't make the false distinction from children in the womb and children outside of the room. Now if only he would just extend that time period for child sacrifice and I would surely lend my support to him."


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