Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Sunday Visitor: "Pro-life Prospects Tied to Results in November"

Russell Shaw writes in the January 20, 2008 issue of Our Sunday Visitor:
... No more than the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision in 1857 settled slavery did its Roe v. Wade decision on Jan. 22, 1973, settle abortion. Today, as the country heads into the thick of the 2008 political season, abortion is at or near the heart of the debate.

Among other things, this means the outcome of the elections next November will be shaped at least in part by abortion and will in turn shape the politics of abortion for the next four years or more.

Several specific legislative proposals may be in play in the two years of the next Congress and the four years of the next president's first term.

Abortion supporters are likely to seek to expand federal funding of stem-cell research that involves the killing of human embryos and to end the so-called Mexico City policy that bans funding for groups which perform or promote abortion overseas.

Congress last year adopted measures expanding stem-cell research funding and ending the Mexico City policy, but President George W. Bush vetoed them. If a new Congress passes them again, a pro-choice president would be virtually certain to sign them into law...


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