Tuesday, January 29, 2008

National Catholic Register on Candidate Endorsements by Pro-Life Catholics

The February 3-9 issue of National Catholic Register has a story on candidate endorsements by prominent pro-life Catholics:
WASHINGTON — The frontrunners in the Republican primary are also the two candidates with the most endorsements by Catholic pro-life leaders. Sen. John McCain of Arizona (see story, page 7) has been endorsed by a group of Catholic lawmakers. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has been endorsed by a University founder, a pro-life leader and a former ambassador to the Holy See.

Democratic candidates have not gained pro-life endorsements due to their adamant support for abortion and government funding for abortions.
[ED.: But America's most prominent Catholic clan, the Kennedys, have come out in support of Sen. Moloch H. Obama, so that counts for something. Right?]

The endorsements are important heading into Super Tuesday, Feb. 5, when 24 states will hold contests and more race delegates will be chosen than on any other one day in the primary season.

One of the most notable Catholic endorsements was that of Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., who ended his own presidential campaign in October and endorsed that of fellow Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

“It was a tough call, and I spent quite a bit of time thinking and praying about it,” Brownback said in an interview with the Register. “It just came out to me that he is the full candidate, he has got strong credentials, and is ready to lead.”

Catholics for Romney
Several esteemed Catholic citizens have publicly stated their support of Mitt Romney. As Romney campaigned hard to win the support of Michigan voters, Catholic philanthropist Tom Monaghan endorsed his candidacy. Monaghan stated that he believed Romney to be “a man of principle.”

Before she was named as ambassador to the Vatican, Mary Ann Glendon served as co-chairwoman of Romney’s Advisory Committee on the Constitution and the Courts after working with Romney on in Massachusetts.

Rudy Giuliani
Former Florida Gov. Bob Martinez and federal Drug Czar under President George H.W. Bush endorsed Rudy Giuliani last August.

Mike Huckabee
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has attracted a lot of grassroots support from Catholics, due to his strong record on pro-life issues. His campaign however has not gained many significant Catholic endorsements.

When asked about Huckabee, Brownback admitted that “Huckabee is good on the [pro-life] topic,” but said that, “I don’t think that he can put together the Republican coalition based on his positions on other issues.”

Right to Life
Pro-life activists enter the Super Tuesday elections Feb. 5 without a candidate to rally around. Although National Right to Life endorsed Republican candidate Fred Thompson, he withdrew from the race after receiving little support in South Carolina.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, noted that although his organization doesn’t endorse candidates, he has sensed dissatisfaction within the religious community with the current candidates.

“I guess all the candidates can point to some stellar people in religious conservative circles that have supported them, but what really jumps out at us is that there is not a single candidate that most religious conservatives are willing to rally around,” he said. “At least at this point.”


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At 1/29/2008 1:18 PM, Blogger Tito said...

Spot on for William Donohue for his analysis. I'm having a hard time getting excited for anyone. Even when I supported Brownback because of his immigration stance.

More prayer is certainly needed.


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