Thursday, January 10, 2008

John F. Kerry Reports for Duty: Endorses Obama Over 2004 Running Mate Edwards

2004 Democrat nominee Sen. John F. Kerry has endorsed the presidential candidacy of Sen. Barack H. Obama:
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) - Barack Obama has won the presidential endorsement of Sen. John Kerry, the Democrats' 2004 nominee who lost to George W. Bush.

Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts, plans to announce his support Thursday at a rally at the College of Charleston, said a Democrat familiar with Kerry's decision. The 2004 nominee will argue that Obama can best unite the country and has the potential to create transformational change, the person said.
My Comments:
I like Ed Morrisey's comments over at Captain's Quarters:
And why announce this in South Carolina, of all places? Wouldn't this have helped more three days ago in Manchester, New Hampshire? If Kerry had done it there and then, it would have had much more influence on his neighboring state than a Yankee coming to Charleston. This seems like vintage Kerry -- a day late and a dollar short.

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