Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Curt Jester: "Liturgical Dancing with the Stars"

If you haven't already, you simply must see the post on "Liturgical Dancing with the Stars" over at The Curt Jester.

Prominently featured in Jeff's post is Br. Angel Mendez, OP, pictured above (be sure to click on the photo to get the full effect).

I know Br. Angel! He used to be at the University of Virginia, where he was doing PhD work in philosophical theology or some such. When Sarah and I were going through RCIA at the Dominican parish in Charlottesville, Br. Angel taught the session on the Gospels.

When I happened to disagree with his take that the Gospels were written a couple of centuries after Christ, and I suggested instead that the Gospels might actually have been authored by those to whom the Church had always credited them, he branded my view as "fundamentalist".

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At 1/23/2008 2:50 PM, Blogger Tito said...


I think you're a fundamentalist as well.

Just like Jesus was.


Fundamentalist Tito

At 1/23/2008 4:01 PM, Blogger Terry Nelson said...

I'll bet Br. Angel's class had a lot of drama.


Fundamentalist Terry


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