Monday, January 28, 2008

The Consistent "Ethic" of the Culture of Death

(Hat tip: Custos Fidei)

Diogenes writes at Off the Record:
... I don't remember that the right to buy sex toys much preoccupied the fathers of the Constitutional Convention or that it was enumerated in the First Amendment, but I find it telling that Babeland views gay marriage, abortion on demand, and unrestricted porn as a single political package. If we (the folks Babeland calls "the right-wing public") ventured to make this connection ourselves, we'd be accused of using smear tactics -- regardless of the inability of our critics to pronounce an adverse moral judgment on gays, or on pro-aborts, or on vendors of porn. But in fact the unity is not contrived, for in each case the innovator has declared war -- not on a particular point of morality -- but on the idea that there exist exceptionless moral norms binding on all human beings, without reference to accidents of birth or station in life. Thus it is no an accident that the Catholic Church is singled out by NARAL (and the remoras attached to its underside) as the principal obstacle to the satisfaction of their singularly gruesome appetites.

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