Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Definitely NOT in Kansas Anymore

(Reposted after toning it down a bit)

The City of Norwalk celebrated Halloween one night early. Because the powers that be assumed ... I kid you not ... that the Indians would be playing in the World Series on Halloween night, the children of Norwalk went trick-or-treating last night instead.

My gracious, but you should've seen some of the inappropriate costumes some kids were wearing. There were quite a few teen-aged girls - who I thought were definitely a little too old for Trick-or-Treating - wearing some mighty ... uhhhh ... revealing ... outfits.

For example, these Dorothy Gale costumes (I must've missed that version of the Wizard of Oz) are apparently quite popular with the teen set this year. As Dorothy might say, "Oh my!"

Ummmmm ... Mom and Dad. What are you thinking? No way should you be allowing your 13, 14, and 15-year-old daughters to be going door-to-door for "tricks" and/or "treats" wearing what can - at best - be described as "adult" costumes.

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At 11/01/2007 7:47 AM, Blogger PB said...

I missed something? I guess I didn't think the last one was so scandalous?

Last night taking the boys out we saw plenty of creative costumes but nothing as downright provocative as the links. Although there was a large cluster of teenagers, barely old enough to still be trick-or-treating and we didn’t care for their attitude.

At 11/01/2007 10:29 AM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

No, you didn't miss anything. I deleted the first post because I thought some of the language I used was a little too harsh.

Describing costumes as "skanky-looking" or "slutty" runs the risk of calling into question the virtue of the girls wearing them. I wanted to avoid that, so I deleted the first post and rewrote it.


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