Friday, September 07, 2007

Fr. Corapi Facts

You may have heard of Chuck Norris facts, Fred Thompson facts, and even Jack Bauer facts.

Faith and Country has posted some "Fr. Corapi Facts".

A couple of weeks ago, my pastor - who I hold in VERY high regard - quoted Fr. Corapi and related part of Fr. Corapi's life story during his homily. He also mentioned that Fr. Corapi had done a parish mission at the pastor's previous assignment in Toledo. My esteem for this pastor shot even higher.

(There's got to be a "Fr. Corapi Fact" in there somewhere - something about priests mentioning him in their homilies, or something.)



At 9/11/2007 5:16 AM, Blogger kat said...

Father Corapi gave a blessing to my 3rd child a week after her birth when my husband was deployed to the Persian Gulf and our priest refused to baptize her without her daddy there. I thank Father Corapi for his blessing, which kept her safe until she was finally baptized at 8 months.

Maggie is now 4 years old and still bears that mark, she now makes the Sign of the Cross like a pro!


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