Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Life's Short, Get a Divorce": Law Firm Ad Causes a Stir in Chicago

As if you needed another reason to despise the legal profession (I'm a lawyer myself, by the way):
CHICAGO — A racy divorce lawyers' ad in Chicago's glitzy Gold Coast neighborhood had some area residents raising their eyebrows.

"It certainly gets everyone's attention," one woman told local FOX affiliate WFLD.

The ad is sponsored by Fetman, Garland & Associates, Ltd., a law firm specializing in divorce. The billboard is complete with two scantily clad bodies — one male and one female — telling people that "Life's short, get a Divorce." It's located near the intersection of State and Bellevue streets.

"In terms of tasteful — well, no, it wouldn't be my first choice," one man told WFLD.

"It's offensive because the message is sex, and if you don't have what you want, you dump it," said another woman.

Click here to watch the WFLD report

But the law firm calls the ad "cutting edge" and is making no apologies for it. Lawyers there say the ad isn't for everyone, but instead targets couples looking for a way out of a bad marital situation.

My Comments:
This episode of the Culture of Death has been brought to you by the law firm of Fetman, Garland & Associates: Attorneys serving Satan since 1995.

UPDATE (7 May 2007)
Apparently, the attorneys bringing you this ad are graduates of DePaul University College of Law - a "Catholic" law school. Sad.

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At 5/05/2007 6:34 AM, Blogger Leticia said...

What a scandal! To not only be profiting by the destruction of families, but actually encouraging it, is unspeakably wicked.
I knew a Catholic attorney who would help a miserable couple separate temporarily, and get marital counseling, so that they could begin living together again after relection.I know you're more like this man.

At 5/05/2007 7:40 AM, Blogger Rich Leonardi said...

That's a popular intersection, so that billboard is getting maximum visibility. Does Gibson's own it?

At 5/05/2007 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, at least you aren't a journalist.

At 5/06/2007 4:35 AM, Blogger Coffee Wife said...

Oh my word. Sorry, I can't add anything intelligent. Just: what a sad sick world we live in.

P.S. can someone tell me what boobs have to do with short life and divorce??? They use sex for EVERYTHING these days! My culture reminds me of a perpetual boy's locker room that never gets past their infatuation with all things sex. **Sigh**

At 5/06/2007 6:23 AM, Blogger Bob the Ape said...

Paging Jack Cade...

At 5/06/2007 6:18 PM, Blogger Bob the Ape said...

I have been led to amplify my comment on my own blog.

At 5/10/2007 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The message is perfectly clear- marriage is an archaic way of life and simply does not work in today's day American lifestyle.

At 6/13/2007 3:14 PM, Anonymous HotConflict said...

"Life's Short, Get a Divorce"

It is very important to make decisions carefully and not make spontaneous decisions just on silly advertising.

I made this video about the Billboard...check it out !

Saleem Siddiqui is involved with Marital Counseling and Conflict Resolution related to Divorce or Domestic Abuse.

Saleem Siddiqui is founder of which is an effort to help network Muslim communities and organizations, with other counterparts in various fields. With an effort to increase Muslim and Islamic awareness in Communications, Public Relations (PR), Public Speaking, Political Strategy, Media, Marketing, and many other fields as they relate to the integration of Muslims in the United States of America and around the world.


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