Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Dominican Priest's Take on the Jesus Burial Site Mockumentary

Today, I corresponded via email with a friend of mine who is a Dominican priest. A few years ago, he basically rode circuit around the Commonwealth of Virginia debunking The Da Vinci Code. Here's what he had to say today about the "King of the World" James Cameron's newest film/mockumentary:
I love the Cameron thing. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pulpit!

This is exactly what we’ve been trying to get across for years; “you choose: one tomb or the other; one path or the other: choose now.” That has been our task since the beginning – get people to see he is not dead, but alive. And now they have the choice set before them once again.

That Hollyweird moron is making our message visually explicit.

It might help us, but God help him and his cronies for hurting the weak in faith. I wonder if he’s ever thought of doing a documentary on Hell?
I love the Dominicans. What would be really cool would be to see my friend take on heretical ex-Dominican Matthew Fox and heretical ex-priest John Dominic Crossan in a debate on this subject matter.

Check that. My friend is also a firearms enthusiast. Let's make that a duel.

[NB: For the humor-impaired, this is what we call a joke. I am NOT advocating violence against heretics, although warming up the stakes might not be a bad idea where Fox and Crossan are concerned. ;-) ]

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