Friday, May 20, 2005

Is a "Pro-Government Conservative" What Used to be Called a "Reagan Democrat"?

Here is a summary of the Pew Research Center's description of a "Pro-Government Conservative", which I blogged about yesterday:

(1) Strong religious faith
(2) Conservative views on many social and cultural issues
(3) Support the military and a muscular American foreign policy
(4) Less educated
(5) Less affluent
(6) Favor social safety net
That sounds remarkably like the type of voter who 20 years ago was called a "Reagan Democrat".

Much has been written over the last several election cycles that the "Reagan Democrats" do not exist anymore - that they were attracted to Reagan's personality and not the policies of the Republican Party. I think a much better explanation is that "Reagan Democrats" no longer exist because they have all become "Pro-Government Conservatives" (i.e. Republicans).

For the reasons I stated yesterday, I really don't think I fit into this category.


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