Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Letters from Cato: The Anti-Anti-Abortionists

My friend, Paul Zummo, writing at Letters from Cato, takes on some of the putative "pro-lifers" who now make their living attacking actual pro-lifers in exchange for the approval of their new-found followers among the leftist mob.

Paul begins by noting that the overturning of Roe and Casey are by no means a done deal. There is no final decision at this point, and the Justices are still free to change their minds. We've been down this road before in both Webster and Casey itself:

I don’t have much to add on the substance of the leaked decision that may spell the end of Roe. Pro-lifers have had too many Lucy pulling the football away moments to feel comfortable until the decision is actually handed down.
He then notes that IF the decision stands, it's a pretty big deal:
... many conservatives have been quite happy to laud the draft opinion. Personally, I refuse to read it until Dobbs is formally and officially decided, but those who have read it, at least among actual conservatives (more on that in a moment), have universally and unapologetically praised it...
Then Paul gets to the crux of his post:

What I would like to discuss are the erstwhile conservatives and Catholics who have either thrown cold water on the decision or else have actively derided it. I won’t even bring up the folks at the Grifter Project. Everyone already knows their principles are subject to being changed by the highest bidder, so I will go on ignoring them as every good and decent person should.

No, I would like to talk about the more “enlightened,” principled conservatives, especially those whose mission is to conserve conservatism.

Paul follows with a discussion of the various weasel-word responses to the leaked draft of Justice Alito's opinion from such formerly "principled" pro-life conservatives as Evan McMullin (some of y'all voted for this fraud), Bill Kristol (who once wrote a piece for the Weakly Substandard titled (in all caps) "ROE MUST GO"), Jonathan Last (who "was once a staunch pro-life advocate and author of books like What to Expect When No One’s Expecting" and who once wrote “I’m one of those anti-abortion nut jobs who thinks that every embryo is sacred life and abortion is killing an innocent.”), and last, but not least, Mark Shea (who once actually thought with the Church instead of just pretending to while actually aligning himself with the DNC platform).
This one, in particular, rankles:

[Mark] Shea calls the evident reversal of Roe a pyrrhic victory, but perhaps he is upset because it’s a victory he has assured us for decades was never coming because the GOP has been playing us. Now that two decades of doomcasting have been proven to be bogus, Shea wants to pretend it is utterly meaningless...

These people have shown that they would rather “own the right” than rejoice at what *may* turn out to be the greatest pro-life victory of our lifetime … a result for which they ALL once openly advocated. Back when they at least pretended to be pro-life. BUT they’ve all been frauds all along. 

“It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for [‘likes’ from rabid pro-infanticide leftists]?”


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