Monday, September 13, 2010

Mike Castle and the "Deadly Dozen"

I suppose my posting this will place me among the "holier than thou crowd on the right" against whom Prof. Bainbridge recently ranted. Oh well, I suppose I can go on living, even if it is outside the good graces of my betters among the legal blogging community elite.

Yesterday, while standing in the parish vestibule with a crying Gracie (who chose the Consecration as the most appropriate time to begin demanding her pacifier, which we had not brought to Mass with us), I noticed this flier pinned to the bulletin board:

Upon a closer perusal, I noticed this:

Rep. Mike Castle (RINO, DE), who is currently running in the GOP primary for the right to run in a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat that was vacated when Joe Biden became Vice President, appears on the "Deadly Dozen" list courtesy of his 100% NARAL rating (complemented by a 0 rating from National Right to Life) and his role as one of the most active and vocal sponsors of ESCR in Congress. (I'd venture to guess that even Joe Biden, who opposed partial-birth abortion, didn't have a 100% NARAL rating. So, his election would be a step backward, if you can believe it, for the pro-life cause.) And this isn't even taking into account Castle's support of economy-killing and large-family-punishing Cap-and-Tax regulations, which will have minimal - if any - effect on improving the environment while having devastating effects on those who can ill afford to pay for it.

Yet, this is the man who, the GOP establishment tells us, just MUST be elected in order for the Republicans to provide us with the conservative leadership that we need ... or something.

And those who desire to vote out of principle for Castle's conservative pro-life opponent are derided by the more "sophisticated" pragmatists as short-sighted, nuts, and/or (as Prof. Bainbridge would have it) "holier than thou".

Someone remind me again why it is we should return the Stupid Party to power?

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At 9/13/2010 12:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Note that Sebellus' bishop has dealt forcefully with her, and DC bishop has followed suit.

At 9/13/2010 3:08 PM, Blogger Jakubczyk on Life said...

Very good point. Note that the Republican leaders promoting Castle never got anything from him either, not even a promise to vote our way.

Does not anyone remember the problems caused by this thinking when it came to Arlan Spector?

Now Miss O'Donnell may not be "their" kind of candidate - but at least she is running, which is more than anyone else can say.

As for not winning the general?
So much for setting up the self fulfilling prophecy.


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