Friday, September 19, 2008

Born-Alive Barry the Lying Liar [UPDATED]

What do pro-abort infanticide-supporting liars do when they get caught lying? They lie some more and accuse others of being liars.

This born-alive issue is toxic to Obama and he knows it (which is the reason for this despicable ad). His record coming to light completely wrecks his strategy for winning over so-called "values voters".

It's damaging him big time. Keep hitting him with it. I hope BornAliveTruth responds with another ad.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the ad the pro-abort liar Obama is responding to:

And, in case you couldn't tell, this lying ad really ticks me off, not the least of which because it lies about McCain's position on abortion - making McCain out to be MORE pro-life than he actually is, and acts as if that is a BAD thing.

Just more proof that Obama the pro-abort liar is not worthy of the support that some Catholics want to give him.

Ed Morrissey is on the case:
Barack Obama has decided to respond to Gianna Jessen’s powerful ad on his opposition to a bill that would have protected the lives of infants born from botched abortions. In essence, he accuses John McCain of lying, when the record speaks so clearly that Obama’s campaign had to admit they lied about his position on the Illinios version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This has produced a hysterical reaction from Team O that pretty much has become a One-Note Charlie when responding to any criticism...

The record here is very, very clear. Obama initially said that he opposed the bill in Illinois because it didn’t have the “neutrality clause” included in the federal version of the legislation. As documentation proved, Obama voted against it even with the neutrality clause added. The Obama campaign finally acknowledged that Obama had lied about his position a month ago. Why? Because it would have actually forced doctors to provide care for live infants from abortions — or in other words, it would have worked.

Obama attempts an end run around this by making the issue about abortions. It isn’t. Babies born alive from abortions got left in laundry rooms to die, a practice exposed by Jill Stanek, a nurse at Christ Hospital in the Chicago area. A subsequent investigation showed that as many as 20% of all late-term abortions resulted in live births — and that abortionists routinely allowed the infants to die by denying them normal medical attention. That was the entire reason the issue came before the Illinois legislature, but Obama reacted by denying the problem existed...

... Of course, I missed one important point: the Jessen ad wasn’t put out by McCain at all. Obama’s swinging at the wrong critic here. Why doesn’t Obama call Jessen a liar?
(emphasis added)

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At 9/19/2008 11:38 AM, Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Abortion is his worst Obama's worst issue, and he's running ads about it?

At 9/19/2008 11:43 AM, Blogger Pro Ecclesia said...

Yeah, if Obama the liar thinks highlighting the fact that McCain opposes abortion helps him, he's frickin' delusional.

But what do you expect from someone who thinks he has the power to roll back the oceans and heal the land?

At 9/19/2008 12:54 PM, Blogger Kyle Cupp said...

The modus operandi of most campaigning politicians seems to be deception in the pursuit of power. They lie repeatedly, ask us to trust them, and, amazingly, we do. Those who support repeat liars or excuse the lying as just the way politics goes should ask themselves if truth matters.

At 9/19/2008 1:04 PM, Blogger Kyle Cupp said...

Obama has to know that his positions on abortion are extreme even among abortion rights advocates. He’s hit McCain on abortion before, trying to generate fear that McCain will “take us back” to a time when women’s rights were not respected. I think he getting the abortion issue out there now in hopes that he can establish and control the narrative. With Palin added to the ticket, the abortion issue is in people’s minds, and Obama’s acting on that now so as to work it to his advantage. Personally, I think McCain should highlight Obama’s support for the Freedom of Choice Act and clarify in honest talking points exactly what that Act would mean.

At 9/19/2008 3:01 PM, Blogger Christopher Blosser said...

Personally, I think McCain should highlight Obama’s support for the Freedom of Choice Act and clarify in honest talking points exactly what that Act would mean.

I believe somebody already did, though not the McCain campaign.


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