Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oops, She's Done It Again

(Hat tip: Dave Hartline at Catholic Report)

She may not be "fat", but she's definitely a skank who is going out of her way to offend Catholics:
IS BRITNEY SPEARS intent on causing controversy?

Promotional pictures for her new album Blackout have just been released featuring one image of her straddling a priest in a confession booth.

The shots are bound to cause outrage from a public already bemused by her odd behaviour over the past year.
In addition to being a third-rate skank, Britney's also SOOOOOOOOO derivative. Another female artist, who calls herself (but who in no other way resembles) Madonna, exhausted the whole corruption of Catholic imagery thing a generation ago.

But Britney seems bound and determined to keep doing stupid things with her life and her career. I like what Dave Hartline had to say in this regard: "Her song Oops I Did It Again could be the soundtrack of her life."

Yo, Brit! A couple of words of advice:
  • Stop listening to that person who calls herself Madonna, and start listening for the voice of the real thing.
  • Go see a real priest - you need to get some help. Bad.
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    At 10/30/2007 12:48 PM, Blogger EegahInc said...

    The really desperate part of this is that Madonna at least had the benefit of being raised Catholic. Spears is a Southern Baptist girl gone wild.

    You know, in a sad way, I can almost see a backhanded compliment here. Is it more "shocking" because the setting is Catholic?


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