Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cardinal Pell on "Donald Duck Heresy"

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From The Sydney Morning Herald:
THE Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, has stepped up his criticism of Catholics who support contraception, abortion and stem-cell research on the basis of their own moral conscience as proponents of a "Donald Duck heresy".

In a compilation of 10 short essays to be published this week, Cardinal Pell also warns that the pill has created a "contraceptive" mentality with "evil consequences" for the world, including a plummeting fertility rate in which many children will one day know no siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins.

He says a new approach is needed to combat unacceptably high levels of abortion, including the possibility of television advertisements to encourage women to proceed with a pregnancy by framing it as a means of regaining control of their lives, rather than it ruining them.

His treatise on religion politics and society came as Cardinal Pell avoided backing either side of politics for the election, saying they have "scarcely distinguishable" policies.

But Australia was "blessed" to have serious Christians leading both sides of politics, he told the National Press Club yesterday.

Asked how he rated the Howard Government on humanitarian issues such as the involvement in the Iraq invasion and treatment of asylum-seekers, he said both parties had policies that, from a Christian point of view, were imperfect.


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