Friday, October 20, 2006

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Woman Who Killed Her Unborn Child

Virginia blogger Cathy of Call Her Blessed sends along this news from the Commonwealth:
Judge Dismisses Charges Against Woman Who Killed Her Unborn Child

Pregnant Mother Shot Herself in the Stomach, Killing Her Child, Va. Judge Rules Causing Your Own Abortion Is Not a Crime

Oct. 19, 2006 —
A Virginia judge has dismissed charges today against a young woman who shot herself in order to kill her unborn child in a case that has angered anti-abortion activists.

Tammy Skinner was a poor, desperate 22-year-old with two young children and another one on the way.

She said her boyfriend wouldn't pay for an abortion, so she carried her pregnancy to term.

Then she did the unthinkable.

Prosecutors say that on the morning she was scheduled to give birth, Skinner drove to an auto dealer's parking lot, took a gun, and shot herself in the belly, killing the fetus in an act of self-abortion. Skinner was charged with carrying out an illegal abortion.

Is Skinner a criminal?

Today, a Virginia judge said no. The charges were dropped, her case dismissed.

Says Cathy: "I am just a mom-blog kind of person and don’t know quite what to say about this stupid, idiotic, inane (well, you get the idea) decision that was handed down yesterday. Even though you no longer live in the Commonwealth, I wondered what you would think about this."

Well, Cathy, you've already given voice quite clearly to what I think - "stupid, idiotic, inane". You don't need a law degree to recognize that what emanates from the the travesty of justice known as Roe v. Wade is sheer, unadulterated evil. Beyond that - "sheer, unadulterated evil", there's nothing that I can add that you haven't already said.

The really perverse thing about this case is that it was the baby's due date. Had this woman waited a few hours before killing her child, she could have been charged with premeditated 1st degree murder. But kill the baby a couple of hours before it's supposed to be born and she gets off scott-free.

What do you expect in a society where the Supreme Court has decided that partial-birth abortion is constitutionally protected?


At 10/20/2006 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The degradation that Roe imposes on the law is sickening. Allowing this type of murder to go unpunished in the name of some judge made fictitious right to abortion destroys the very core of the law as a protection of the weak against the predations of the strong. Whereever Justice Blackmun is in the next world, and I trust it is a suitably warm place, I pray that one element of his eternity is that he suffer at least some small fraction of the pain that his misbegotten opinion has imposed upon the most innocent among us.

At 10/22/2006 6:21 PM, Blogger Sir Galen of Bristol said...

One would think that she could be charged with practicing medicine without a license, or somesuch.

After all, this is healthcare, right?


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