Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Atheists: No Prayer For Katrina Victims

From WorldNetDaily.com:
Atheists: No prayer for disaster victims
U.S. group says president violating Constitution by urging pleas to God

Posted: September 5, 2005
9:15 p.m. Eastern

© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

The American Atheists organization says President Bush should stop urging prayer for Hurricane Katrina victims because it violates the Constitution.

Ellen Johnson, president of the group said Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Bush "should not be violating the Constitution by telling people to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It's unconstitutional for government officials to be promoting religion; and besides, judging from the speed of some relief efforts, officials should be busy working instead of preaching."



At 9/06/2005 3:39 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Give me a break. Idiots.

At 9/06/2005 8:12 PM, Blogger A Holy Fool said...

"Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! Stop that Foolishness and be Reasonable!"

It's a shame some don't know that their silence is more valued then their words.

At 9/07/2005 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How utterly puerile and -- yeah, dumb .. and how sad to denigrate such a powerful means of support and consolation when it's most needed. These people are indeed "idiots" as Mr. Lugari says.


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