Monday, November 02, 2009

Already Spinning Tomorrow's Elections [UPDATED]

The election hasn't even taken place, and already the spinning has begun.

Associated Press, for example, assures us that even a Republican sweep of tomorrow's 3 highest profile races would be all but meaningless:
WASHINGTON – For Republicans, an election win of any size Tuesday would be a blessing. But victories in Virginia, New Jersey or elsewhere won't erase enormous obstacles the party faces heading into a 2010 midterm election year when control of Congress and statehouses from coast to coast will be up for grabs.

It's been a tough few years for the GOP. The party lost control of Congress in 2006 and then lost the White House in 2008 with three traditional Republican states — Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia — abandoning the party.

So even if political winds start blowing harder behind them and even if they can capitalize on Democratic missteps, Republicans still will have a long way to go over the next year because of their party's own fundamental problems — divisions over the path forward, the lack of a national leader and a shrinking base in a changing nation.

The GOP would overcome none of those hurdles should Republican Bob McDonnell win the Virginia governor's race, Chris Christie emerge victorious in the New Jersey governor's contest, or conservative Doug Hoffman triumph in a hotly contested special congressional election in upstate New York.

In fact, 2009 seems to have underscored what may be the biggest impediment for Republicans — the war within their base...
Nope. No spin, no bias, no wishful thinking on the part of AP there. None whatsoever.

Jim Geraghty notes, tongue firmly within cheek, that no matter how badly Democrat candidates may perform tomorrow, none of it will be a reflection upon the President.

And Karl at HotAir assesses the "these elections don't portend much for the future" spin that we're hearing from the White House, the Democrat leadership, and their media apologists.

And, of course, you just knew that the gap-grinned girly boy, still smarting from the untimely demise of his "New Majority", would seek to find the dark lining behind the silver clouds of any GOP victory tomorrow.

UPDATE # 2 (3 November)
From Kathryn Lopez at The Corner:
Jake Tapper Tweets

DNC already emailing around an analysis by rival network saying VA/NJ races say much more about those candidates than they do about POTUS

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