Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Amy Welborn Now at Beliefnet

Amy's new blog is Via Media, and will be reminiscent of the blog that got me into blogging in the first place:
... This blog will hearken back to the Open Book days. I will be blogging frequently and on a wider variety of topics than I did at Charlotte. But even then - please don't take a lack of blog posts on any particular topic as a sign of disinterest or avoidance. I blog on topics about which I have some understanding and on which I have an interest in reading comments. I also refrain from blogging on topics about which every other blogger on the known Internet is feverishly posting, unless I have a spectacularly unique insight. Hah.

If you want to know the scope of what will happen here - take a look at the categories over there on the right. If you want to know a bit more about me, take a look at the bio. Beliefnet is my primary job right now, but when more of the personal business that descends at times like this is taken care of, will be returning to the novel I started last year and, I hope, finishing it. Publishing? Well, there's a challenge for you. We'll see.

This is not going to be a grief-centered blog, although I will post reflective of that reality which accompanies me now, a reality which has brought grace, a void, confusion, spiritual growth, but still generally sucks, I can say that a month to the day on which my husband died.

I'm still mulling over some regular features. As this first week unfolds I'll commit to some, beginning with the next post - the very popular and (to me) fascinating, What did you see and hear? post which will grace this space every Monday. Or, Tuesday, in this case - look for that later today.

I'm not going to predict what this blog will be like. I've learned not to try to predict anything of late. My goal is to make it newsy, meditative and ...well..unpredictable. Like life...
Best of luck to Amy in her newest endeavor.



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