Friday, August 01, 2008

Dave Hartline: "Catholic Blogosphere Ahead of the Curve"

Dave Hartline engages in some well-earned crowing regarding his post from earlier this week in which he stated that Sen. Obama's "European victory lap" had been "a turnoff for heartland voters".

Initially, polls indicated that Dave was misreading the mood of the country, as Sen. Obama jumped to a 9-point lead over Sen. McCain. As I've stated previously, polls are worthless at this point, but they can be somewhat useful in pointing out electoral trends. And if the trends indicated by the latest polls are accurate, then Dave has been somewhat vindicated, as Sen. Obama's lead appears to have completely evaporated, with some outlier polls even showing Sen. McCain in the lead among "likely voters".

Says Dave:
Though There Were Some Skeptics, I Think We Are Seeing From This Week's Developments That My Observations Are Now Being Attested To By Some Of The Talking Heads In New York, Washington & Los Angeles. I Think One Of The Great Atrributes Of The Catholic Blogosphere Is That Because The Bloggers Are Pretty Tied In With The Community Around Them, They Are Able To Sense Theological & Political Develoments On The Ground That Often Take Time To Reach The Professional Commentariot On Both Coasts.

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At 8/02/2008 8:04 AM, Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

... polls are worthless at this point, but they can be somewhat useful...

A friendly criticism, Jay, but don't you make fun other people's writing when they contradict themselves in the same sentence?

At 8/02/2008 8:49 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

I guess I don't think I contradicted myself as much as wrote inartfully.

I think polls are worthless. I've said so many times before. To the extent that they are useful, it is only in spotting trends, not in telling one how the election will turn out.


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